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I’m building this site because I love Remote Control Airplanes and hope to share some video clips I have made. I’ve never built a web site before and hope as I learn how, that it will become a place worth visiting


CClick here to check out the new web-stie I made for my club Recker R/C

I have been in the hobby for about 16 years, but recently discovered the world of S.P.A.D aircraft’s. S.P.A.D. stands for Simple Plastic Airplane Design. This is because of the building material used in these planes know as coroplast. Coroplast looks just like card board, but is made of plastic. It comes in many different colors, and is very resilient stuff. It will shrug off many of the crashes that would turn a balsa plane in to toothpicks.

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Here I am with the SPAD Gee Bee 3D I just built. Thanks goes to my 14 year old daughter for the video and picture.


This kind of FUN should be illegal !!

Congratulations to Pat on his new venture!!!
Need ANYTHING RC?? I know Pat will work HARD to Earn you Business!!!

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips.

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